29 de diciembre de 2011

GOLDFINGER, by Ian Fleming

James Bond is an agent for de UK secret's services. He is one of the most important agents, and his name is Agent 007.
This book reports a story happenned in the 1950s.
Bond is in the airport waiting for a plane when he meet Junius Du Pont by chance. Both of them met themselves in a gambling one week ago. Now, Du pont asks Bond help because he is loosing a lot of many with another man called Goldfinger and he thinks he is cheating him.
Bond accepts the challenge and he decides to help Du Pont.
After that, when Bond comes back to London, Goldfinger reappears in his life. What happenned next? Who is really Goldfinger?

This is my first important book I have read in English. And it has been easy. At first, I looked for the vocabulary I didn't understand (always the English definition, not the Spanish translation). Then, I tried to understand the meaning of the phrases and the context without a translator. And I have managed it.

I like it a lot. The experience has been rewarding. And I'll repeat it as soon as possible. 

PD. I'm learning English this year, so it's possible that I have written a lot of mistakes in this summary. Sorry about that. And, please, tell me these mistakes so I can improve my English writing. Thanks a lot!!!

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